Italy Street Scene

Italy is quite possibly my favourite place in the world, and we visited Rome in January of 2020. This photograph was shot near to Vatican City (41°54’8.244″ N 12°27’34.174″ E).

When we first got to this street, there was a young couple sitting on the stairs, and although that might have ticked the ‘romantic’ box, I gave up on the idea of getting a good shot. My wife and I took a few minutes to consult Google Maps on our telephones, and when I turned around, the couple was gone! I grabbed my Nikon and took the shot.

Rome, Italy. 19 January 2020.
f/3.2, 50 mm, 1/160 s, ISO 640
Copyright © 2020 David Malka Photography. All rights reserved.

Needless to say, the image has gone through Lightroom and Photoshop, as there can be few streets in Italy (or anywhere, for that matter!) which look so ‘cartoonish’. My wife has created a preset for use in Lightroom, called ‘The Venice Effect’, which we use to achieve this effect. I have tried to share this file with you, but WordPress will not permit me to share an XMP file. Anyone has any ideas, the comments box below is waiting for you!

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