How to Save £1,000

So you know how it is. You’re flicking through Facebook on one of your favourite Nikon pages, and you see someone mention how they’ve just scored the Coolpix P1000, and you think, ‘Ooooh!’.

The Nikon P1000
Image Copyright © Digital Photography Review

Now, I do not need another camera, since I already have the rather spiffing Panasonic Lumix DMC GX8, and the even more spiffing Nikon D810. But just like you can never have too many bicycles (see Rule N° 12), so you can never have too many cameras.

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That being said, £1,000 (once you add all the accessories) is still a serious wedge of wonga, so I started looking around for a 0% interest deal, and couldn’t find one. Then I went onto Digital Photography Review and saw the rating of 73% for the P1000, and a review that was, frankly, somewhat disappointing and not at all what I’ve come to expect from the stable of the manufacturer of the world’s greatest cameras.

Austria.  30 August 2016.
f/11, 50 mm, 1/50 s, ISO 110.
Copyright © 2016 David Malka Photography.  All rights reserved. 

Who knows – maybe if I’d found interest-free credit, I’d have gone for it nonetheless. After all, a 3,000 mm zoom is quite frankly insane.

Meanwhile, here’s a photo taken on the Danube in 2016, as a consolation.

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