Cat 4 of 4

This in fact is cat n° 4, in the sense that she was the last to arrive at our home. Meet Willow:

Willow.  London, March 2018.
f/4.5, 25 mm, 1/10 s, ISO 3200.
Copyright © 2018 David Malka Photography.  All rights reserve

Willow was a stray who came to us via a third party. At first, she would not let any human near her, and we feared that she had been treated badly. But with love and patience, this is the beautiful little ginger you see now.

To be honest, I don’t remember who took this photograph: it was either me or my wife. But it’s another Lumix shot.

We call this the ‘taking the piss’ shot, as I don’t know about you, but she has to know how damned cute she is in this one. And she’s playing it up for the camera! ❤

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