More Indoor Cat Fun

The UK government is easing ‘lockdown’ slightly, but my company has not opened its offices yet, and so there is little incentive to go into London and – my fault, this – even less reason for me to venture outside of the house. So what better subject than our long-suffering felines? You have met WillowContinue reading “More Indoor Cat Fun”

Her Name is Lola…

I suspect that I’m not the only one whose photographic ‘desires’ are being frustrated with the Covid-19 ‘lockdown’, and who is instead turning to the furry beings inside one’s home, as unwilling models. This is Lola. Lola is a majestic seventeen years old, and still going (fairly) strong. She is the oldest living being inContinue reading “Her Name is Lola…”

Flowers in the Garden

Well, this Covid-19 lockdown has been a major drag, hasn’t it? I had entertained the idea of going walkabout with my camera, but the police in the UK have shown themselves ready to use what I shall diplomatically call ‘enthusiastic‘ policing, to keep people inside. And I’m not really in the mood for an argumentContinue reading “Flowers in the Garden”

Willow the Ginger Beauty

I’ve shown you this gorgeous girl before: it’s Willow. Like probably most of the country right now, my wife and I are avoiding going out unless it’s necessary. Today, we did a bit of impromptu sunbathing by raising the blinds and lying on the bed. Willow decided to join us. This was taken with theContinue reading “Willow the Ginger Beauty”

Photoshop Café

If like me, you’re confined to home by Covid-19 (I don’t have the virus, but our employer has sent us all home), you’ll have been looking at ways to pass the time. You can either bing-watch some gritty television series (if you’ve not seen it yet, I can heartily recommend season 1 of The Wire),Continue reading “Photoshop Café”

The Venice Effect

I mentioned recently that I have a preset on Adobe Lightroom. It doesn’t appear to be possible for WordPress to accept this kind of file – an XMP file. I’ve contacted WordPress Support, but for the moment, this is what the file looks like: If you want to get that into your copy of Lightroom,Continue reading “The Venice Effect”

How Not to Use ND Filters

Today and every day until the end of the month, I am working from home, on orders of ‘The Management’ at my work, thanks to Covid-19. So what better way to celebrate than to pop out with my Nikon D810 and get some photos. I took my ND filters and went down to the RiverContinue reading “How Not to Use ND Filters”

Master Hue, Saturation & Luminance in Lightroom

Here’s a short tutorial on Shutterbug on mastering the Hue, Saturation & Luminance controls in Adobe Lightroom. I have a Lightroom tutorial sitting in my drafts folder, and I need to get it done. It will take you through the process of geotagging all of your photographs, so that each has an accurate longitude andContinue reading “Master Hue, Saturation & Luminance in Lightroom”

How to Save £1,000

So you know how it is. You’re flicking through Facebook on one of your favourite Nikon pages, and you see someone mention how they’ve just scored the Coolpix P1000, and you think, ‘Ooooh!’. Now, I do not need another camera, since I already have the rather spiffing Panasonic Lumix DMC GX8, and the even moreContinue reading “How to Save £1,000”

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