How Not to Use ND Filters

Today and every day until the end of the month, I am working from home, on orders of ‘The Management’ at my work, thanks to Covid-19. So what better way to celebrate than to pop out with my Nikon D810 and get some photos. I took my ND filters and went down to the RiverContinue reading “How Not to Use ND Filters”

Master Hue, Saturation & Luminance in Lightroom

Here’s a short tutorial on Shutterbug on mastering the Hue, Saturation & Luminance controls in Adobe Lightroom. I have a Lightroom tutorial sitting in my drafts folder, and I need to get it done. It will take you through the process of geotagging all of your photographs, so that each has an accurate longitude andContinue reading “Master Hue, Saturation & Luminance in Lightroom”

How to Save £1,000

So you know how it is. You’re flicking through Facebook on one of your favourite Nikon pages, and you see someone mention how they’ve just scored the Coolpix P1000, and you think, ‘Ooooh!’. Now, I do not need another camera, since I already have the rather spiffing Panasonic Lumix DMC GX8, and the even moreContinue reading “How to Save £1,000”

Learn Adobe Photoshop

If you are struggling to learn Adobe Photoshop, then the first thing to do is to not worry! Adobe Photoshop is such a massive, powerful piece of software that it takes everyone a while to learn. Thankfully, Adobe makes available a very good set of video tutorials online. Click on this link, fire up PhotoshopContinue reading “Learn Adobe Photoshop”

What Sells and What Doesn’t

Elsewhere on this blog, I’ve made available links to my Flickr and 500px accounts. On the latter, I actually managed to sell one of my photos a month or so back. This is it: I was quite delighted when I got the e-mail to say that I had, for the first time ever, sold somethingContinue reading “What Sells and What Doesn’t”

The Beginning of a Journey

Welcome to David Malka Photography. I live in Kent (UK) and have been a keen photographer for around twenty-five years. It’s only in the last five to six years, however, that I’ve had the financial means to buy some really good equipment. My main camera is the mighty Nikon D810. I own three lenses compatibleContinue reading “The Beginning of a Journey”

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