More Indoor Cat Fun

The UK government is easing ‘lockdown’ slightly, but my company has not opened its offices yet, and so there is little incentive to go into London and – my fault, this – even less reason for me to venture outside of the house. So what better subject than our long-suffering felines? You have met WillowContinue reading “More Indoor Cat Fun”

Flowers in the Garden

Well, this Covid-19 lockdown has been a major drag, hasn’t it? I had entertained the idea of going walkabout with my camera, but the police in the UK have shown themselves ready to use what I shall diplomatically call ‘enthusiastic‘ policing, to keep people inside. And I’m not really in the mood for an argumentContinue reading “Flowers in the Garden”

Photoshop Café

If like me, you’re confined to home by Covid-19 (I don’t have the virus, but our employer has sent us all home), you’ll have been looking at ways to pass the time. You can either bing-watch some gritty television series (if you’ve not seen it yet, I can heartily recommend season 1 of The Wire),Continue reading “Photoshop Café”

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